Preliminary Design of an Experimental Art-Circling Spaceship

In this new approach “Preliminary Design of an Experimental Art-Circling Spaceship” the artists of Hildegard Projekt Minna Kangasmaa, Tuomo Kangasmaa and Hildegard Skowasch will be travellers for the arts. They are playing with roles of collectors, curators and artists as well transforming the Hildegard Projekt into a mobile gallery, creating and presenting its own collection.

To carry out the idea, Hildegard Projekt invites artists to contribute one of their original art works for the virtual Hildegard Projekt Collection (HPC). Hildegard Project is presenting the collection in the exhibitions and each of them is unique for its participating artists, art works and location. The purpose of the exhibitions is to demonstrate and unlock the potential of the collected artworks. This will happen through different levels of transformation.

In the exhibition the artworks of the collection are material for a one-off sculpture built up on site. This means that individual artworks become part of an artistic process and a shared work of art. In a democratic process of joint exploration, shared experience and common authorship, individual artworks are taken apart, recoded and assembled anew. The result that evolves is the Hildegard Project Sculpture. This authentic, sublime and unique artwork is documented by photograph and one representative photo is selected to embody it.

From every exhibition each representative photograph taken from the built one-off Hildegard Project Sculpture will be collected as a separate collection. Thereby the Hildegard Project Collection generates a new photography collection.

“We look for new areas or zones of freedom inside the world of art, with an awareness of the possibility that there may be no area to discover. Knowing that everything within art might have been done before; we are idealistic dreamers in search of the new. Rather than looking outside for new materials or subjects; we travel inside the art itself. Our role is multilayered and complex. Our mission is discovery and we believe in the freedom of art.”